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Booting not more than 2 GPU - MSI X570

Elia Gabriel Eichmann, [14.05.21 21:18]
Hi there

I am currently building a rig but I can’t install more than 2 GPU’s in HiveOS. If i connect a third GPU i just get black screen. Than i need to remove all cards expect first one and than it boots again.

I connect the Risers with a Moles (just 2 for each streng), I connect the first GPU with PSU 1, the 2nd with PSU 2, than again the 3rd GPU with PSU 1 etc… But nothing seems to work for connecting more than 2 GPU’s. Any sugestions?

  • 1x Gigabyte 3070 Vision
  • 1x ASUS 3070
  • 4x MSI 3060 Ti
  • MSI X570 Gaming Edge WiFi Mother Board
  • Ryzen 2600X
  • 240 GB SSD Kingston internal HD
  • 2x Ballistix Sport DDR a 8 GB (Total 16 GB)
  • 2x Gigabyte 850 W PSU Gold

I updated to the latest BIos, CMOS clear about 5 times. But won’t change anything.

BIOS Settings:

Enable: “Above 4G memory/Crypto…”
PCI_E1 Gen Switch: Gen2
Chipset Gen Switch: Auto
PCI_E1 Lanes Configuration: x16
SR-IOV Support: Disabled

Thanks for any suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi @Ellwood_Legion,
I’m pretty sure it must be because of the BIOS settings.
Are you used “24 pin Splitter Power Cable” for PSU1 and PSU2? (Link)

Motherboard BIOS Settings For Mining | The Basics

Hey Ne0pol

Thank you for your feedback. I used the connector you send in the link. And yess it was kind of the BIOS settings, but it is the problem of these Motherboards.

I solved the issue as i found out that many MSI X570 Motherboards have problem in connecting more than 2 GPU’s.

I bought a new ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming Motherboard, and now everything works fine.

Hi @Ellwood_Legion,
too bad that did not work with MSI X570 Motherboard!
But i am glad that it is working with the ASUS Motherboard.
Good luck furthermore!

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