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Boot problem with Asus TUF 460B plus

hi guys
i just bought an Asus tuf 460B plus .
with 5 pcie
by the way i bootabled my HIVEos on a 120GB ssd
and i set my pcie speed to gen 1
enable 4 G
csm disable
but i cant see any thing .
the blue screen is showing me the boot options
one of them is HIVEOS , when i switch to this boot . its just a black screen and nothing more .
other option is Advance Hiveos, at this option i just get the error code that the system cant find the command Echo
i have 4 cards . 1 of them is 5700xt and 3 of them are 1660 super.
by the way some times at legacy mode i can boot on hiveos but its too odd, because the dos screen is showing me in over size .

i was thinking maybe its better to go on windows for this motherboard .
pls help this noob :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Hi .
guys if you have the same problem…
you have to bootable your ssd or your usb again you have to w8 a bit on the black screen (after u selected the hive os on the blue boot menu) . then hive os will start to run .
i have just changed my CSM to disable . and thats it .

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