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Boot cycling rig

So I have a 6 GPU rig with Sapphire Nitro 5700 XT and a Corsair AX1200i psu. With 5 cards it runs OK but when I add the 6th card the rig shuts off and restarts once auto tunning hash rate begins. I checked and the AX1200i is a multi railed psu with DSPs which means there is an OCP (Over Current Protection) enabled. Could this be the reason it keeps tripping off; perhaps when auto tunning more power is drawn.

If this is the case, is there a way to switch the psu to single rail or I’m I better off getting another psu?

Any ideas?

this is common behavior when your are in limits of your PSU. this is why you should use planitum PSU’s; they have 90% efficiency BUT you use them as 80%. This way there is some reserve power in case of reboot and miner optimization. so get an ammeter and measure current to one of your cards in top PCIE pins and in riser. then multiply that usage by number of GPU’s you have and add 30W for mobo and CPU… and do not go over 1200W * 0,8 = 960 W

note that power usage that windows / hiveos shows on amd card is bullshit…there is not taken account power which goes to GPU trough riser, which is typically 39 W

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