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Bminer 6.0.0 manual download update

Please help me manual download and update bminer with new version 6.0.0

How can I do it?

Need this too, please either update the client or help us with a way of a manual upadate

I downloaded the new version and copy the “bminer” file into /root/hive/bminer. This worked for me.

(grr didn’t want to reply to this comment)

Any word from the dev about this?

New versions of miners software not always better the old one.
You have several choices:

  1. You may update miner manually but there is no guarantee that if something goes wrong you will be helped
  2. Be patient - developers include new version on next update

updated features include

Reduce reject rate caused by stale shares.

0.3-0.5% performance improvement depending on card models.

Fix inaccurate metrics at the start of Bminer.

Reduce CPU usage the start of bminer.

Pretty significant if you ask me
Any ETA when we will see it in the client?

I’m think in the next update … it wiil be soon

I wouldn’t recommend Bminer.
I used 5.5.0 version and had problems of GPU’s hang.
Then manually installed version 6.0.0. Even though periodically after some time GPUs are hanging. Then watchdog restarts them.
I don’t use any OC, except FAN 55% conf for 1 GPU only.
GPU0 and GPU2 are Aorus 1080 ti Waterforce Xtreme Edition
GPU1 Asus 1080 ti OC edition

Now I’ve returned to DSTM and it works stable.
See Bminer’s logs below.
When working normal
[spoiler][INFO] [2018-04-01T05:26:45+05:00] Accepted share #73
[INFO] [2018-04-01T05:26:47+05:00] [GPU 0] Speed: 758.42 Sol/s 406.54 Nonce/s Temp: 57C Fan: 35% Power: 251W 3.02 Sol/J
[INFO] [2018-04-01T05:26:47+05:00] [GPU 1] Speed: 758.22 Sol/s 405.16 Nonce/s Temp: 60C Fan: 55% Power: 257W 2.95 Sol/J
[INFO] [2018-04-01T05:26:48+05:00] [GPU 2] Speed: 777.28 Sol/s 414.60 Nonce/s Temp: 56C Fan: 35% Power: 249W 3.12 Sol/J [/spoiler]

When hanging (see the speed of GPU 1 and 2)
[spoiler][INFO] [2018-04-01T05:30:17+05:00] [GPU 0] Speed: 759.88 Sol/s 408.18 Nonce/s Temp: 57C Fan: 35% Power: 243W 3.13 Sol/J
[INFO] [2018-04-01T05:30:17+05:00] [GPU 1] Speed: 0.00 Sol/s 77.22 Nonce/s Temp: 40C Fan: 55% Power: 58W 0.00 Sol/J
[INFO] [2018-04-01T05:30:17+05:00] [GPU 2] Speed: 0.00 Sol/s 78.42 Nonce/s Temp: 40C Fan: 33% Power: 61W 0.00 Sol/J
[INFO] [2018-04-01T05:30:26+05:00] Total 759.88 Sol/s 563.81 Nonce/s Accepted shares 72 Rejected shares 3
[FATA] [2018-04-01T05:30:46+05:00] Irrecoverable errors: [D1] GPU hang detected
[WARN] [2018-04-01T05:30:46+05:00] Miner died! It will be restarted soon…
[INFO] [2018-04-01T05:30:52+05:00] Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast (v6.0.0-d111154) [/spoiler]

Sounds alot like a you problem… I’ve done my own testing with every equilhash miner out there and ill happily settle on Bminer for the time being. Yes there are some issues, however for me i prefer this miner…

That said, we are on version 6.1 now. Now i hope this is just because of the easter holiday but i would hope that the dev would have updated it by now…

If you aren’t going to be quick on these types of additions to the OS. A quick “Howto” on how to help ourselves would go a long way

Just to add, found it pretty simple to upgrade the miner myself with filezilla

Bminer upgraded to 6.1.0 in Hive OS v.0.5-40

good to know, thanks

just ran bminer for the first time … not to impressed. got a little bump Sol rate and an order of magnitude drop share rate. Switched back to ebwf and it was back to the normal share rate. What gives with bminer? I was really happy to see the increased Sols and it said it was getting lots of shares. However, the pool never saw them. think I’ll stick with ebwf for the time being.

Try DSTM rather than EWBF, especially the 0.6.1 version. If its stable for you