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Block by hiveos

Can hive block any static Ip ?

I am not able to log in from my office internet but able to operate hive from any other internet. why so? :confused: is there any way to fix it :confused: ?

If you set white IP list then you can’t login from another place. You need to reset this feature to allow login from anywhere.

I can log in from any network but not from my office network.

I’d guess more your office proxy/firewall is the problem :slight_smile:

how do i check it… its my own office if there is anything to do i will correct it …

Let’s be defined in terms of

  1. You can’t enter from outside into the web interface ?
  2. You can’t enter from outside into the rigs using the SSH / ShellInABox ?

I open, the wedsite appears and then when i click sign in option from which i will go to a page where i have to fill my user id and password, it stops working there and i get a page net not working.

Almost in all the computers using that internet getting this error and if i use my mobile’s hotspot or any other network it opens instantly where i can fill in my details and log in…

I have the same problem. I can go to just fine, then when I click on Login and it takes me to - it just times out. I have to use VPN to be able to login. It seems that it’s blocking my home IP. I did try to login with a wrong password and it told me to “cool off” a couple days ago. I used to be able to go to before that. I strongly connect these two events as it started denying access to the pages after I failed to login a few times.

Write to support bee [at]