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Black screen with new GPU's

Hello, I have been running two MSI 3060 Ti’s gaming trios for about a week now with no issues. I bought two more 3060 Ti’s, but whenever I installed them, my rig will no longer start up. It just sits at black screen and doesn’t boot to BIOS. All lights, leds, etc. will come on but it will never open BIOS.

Whenever I unplug the two new cards, it will work. I tried fresh install of HiveOS on usb and nothing. I tried running just three cards, nothing works. Tried changing BIOS settings… again, nothing. Cards are setup exactly like before. Yes, everything is plugged in correctly.

With my second GPU, all I did was plug it in and it started working on boot. Now when I add two new cards, it doesn’t even want to start up.

Getting frustrated :confused:

I do not know if you solved this, but I was having this issue, but I was having a similar issue. I cleared the BIOS which returned the display, then found I had a corrupted OS. Ran fsck and everything started up just fine.

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