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Black Screen when executing Nvidia-driver-update command

Hi, I have an old gtx 780 OC 3gb rig that I’m trying to get running.

I have not been able to successfully begin mining, so I’ve tried to update the video drivers with the Nvidia-driver-update command. After it executes, the screen just goes black. Am I trying to update drivers for an unsupported video card?


Hi! Try with lower OC settings :wink:

fixed? i have same issue

Hi everybody, sorry for the slow reply.

I can’t remember exactly how I resolved this issue, I think I just ended up reverting back to an earlier backup of the OS, and gave up on trying to update the driver.

I ended up finding a way to mine with 3gb vram (I guess I just wanted to see what kinds of speeds I’d get with this old card), but the results were so bad that it was completely not viable, even with free electricity.

Anyhow, good luck with your builds


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