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Black screen after trying to boot into HiveOS


I just setup a rig today, loaded HiveOS onto an SSD with my config file but when i boot up it shows the GRUB saying its loading into HiveOS and then NOTHING. All black after that.

I can look at my rig and everything on the Hive OS farm from my PC and see it is mining but I would like to know why i dont have any display from my rig when plugging in a monitor?

AMD Athlon 3000G
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 VISION OC
Corsair 1000W RM1000x
Kingston ValueRAM 8GB (1x8GB), PC4-21300 (2666MHz) DDR4, 19-19-19, 1.2v, Single Stick
Western Digital WD 120GB SSD

Thank you for any help.

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Did you enable internal graphic into the motherboard bios ?

Yes, so I can see BIOS and even get to the GRUB where you can select HiveOS or it does the countdown to automatically boot to it but then all black after that…

Just to be sure, what is everything i need to make sure of in BIOS?

Yes because you have put at first Pcix 16 card on it… they see it as the default… Put your monitor in this card and see …

Thanks for the reply. Im sorry im not quite sure what you mean? Are you saying to try the display cable using the GPU?

I am having this issue even with no GPU connected. When I do connect a GPU, I try it with the cable through the GPU and same issue again…

Make sure for the image on ssd … it is write correct…

My proposal is use a Gpu in first slot (16x) and connect the monitor … if does not help use the onboard gpu and check your image (hive os) write it again…

*I had the same problem
I was able to solve it by:

  1. disabling internal graphics in BIOS
  2. connecting a card (with a riser) to the first PCIE slot
  3. HDMI from the card to the monitor

Hope this might help*

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