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Black screen after nvidia-driver-update

Hello. I try downgrading my nvidia drivers on latest Hive OS. Whatever I try, I always get an infinite black screen after that. I have to turn on my computer manually. And when it restarts, it’s always the same drivers, and not the desired version. I really need help, thanks in advance.
I’m on the nvidia 460.67 drivers and would like the 460.39 version.

are you purging the driver while uninstalling ? for example sudo apt-get remove --purge ‘^nvidia-.*’ this will purge all the nvidia packages on the PC. i guess after that you can install the driver you want.

Thank you, I will try that. I am very new to linux

@Julien78 Did this resolve it? I am also running into this issue.

I wanted to test the new MiniZ miner v.1.8y3 with my newegg shuffle nurfed 3060 v1 card. It requires the 460.39 driver - the same driver you were testing.

unfortunately i get the same issue and black screen after installing new driver. I will try what @rkulov suggested and let everyone know if that solves this issue.

I have the 3060 plugged into first slot - other cards on gpu risers. it recognizes cards and mines fine in HiveOS with newer 460.8x driver - just the 3060 is lower hashrate due to it being rev1 nurfed version.

I did not try putting the rig in maintenance mode either - so i will try this as well and let you know my findings.