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Black Screen after Hive Boot

Hi everyone,

I’m running Hive off a new USB drive and I’ve been having a strange issue where the OS boots but then after initialization the screen goes black with a cursor in the upper left. I don’t see any read out of the hashrate, GPU temps or power consumption like normal.

I tried reflashing the OS on the USB multiple times and restarted the machine countless times. Sometimes after it gets to the black screen it won’t connect to the internet. I’ve been using a USB drive for the past 6 months and had no issues.

I’m wondering if anyone has found a fix to this and if this is a new bug with the latest Hive update. I’ve seen people run into similar issue months ago but they said reflashing fixed their issue.

Is your display connected to the primary gpu? Do you have the rig.conf on the root of the drive and Does it show up in your hive dashboard?

My monitor is connected to the HDMI output. When you say primary GPU do you mean the GPU that registers as 0? I have 8 GPUs in this rig so I’m not sure how to set video output to the primary.

I do see rig.config on the drive and what do you mean by it showing up on my dashboard?

Connect the monitor to the gpu in the primary 16x slot on the board if it has one.

And the web/app dashboard, where you can see your workers and change flight sheets etc. is that rig showing online?

Yes I can see it right now. Yesterday I did not see it and I had to reflash the drive to get it to show up.

I don’t have any GPUs currently plugged into the primary x16 spot on the motherboard. I am using two 1 to 4 PCIe Expansion Riser Cards in the x1 slot to connect my 8 GPUs

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