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Bizarre problem need help: OS not starting?

I am new to Hive os but have used ethOs, simple mining, awesome mining for asic and others since 2017 so not new to mining but not an expert either.

This problem is new to me need help please

I have three workers on one farm currently.
All three were running off the same router same building but on different switches. let’s call rig 1 and rig 2 the ones that stopped working and rig 3 the one that is still running and working normally.

At the time that the problem started:
Rig 1 was running normally
Rig 2 I was testing 5 old GPU’s one at a time.

2 of three GPU’s were woking so I turned both rigs off and installed the two working cards into Rig 1 that has an Asrock H110 pro BTC. all cards got plugged in and both workers were restarted. I send some some commands through to both from the web interface then about the same time the internet went out on my computer and also presumably both rigs.

I reset the modem router, then my computer and the two rigs. The internet came back up, my computer came back on line. But neither rig 1 or 2 ever came back online.

The rigs power up and the fans spin but are not mining, no commands can be sent to them from the web interface, and I cannot even get a video output from GPU-0 or the mother board. I have no idea what happened!

I decided to flash another SSD with Hive OS as a test and installed it on rig 1 but no difference so I presume it’s not the OS or the harddrive.

Where to go next? I have never run into anything like this.

Very grateful for any assistance with this !

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