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BIOSTAR TB350-BTC issues?

any help for a noob would be greatly appreciated. im perhaps in a little over my head here, ive built a pc before with no issues, but this is my first mining rig.
ive got everything set up and powered up and looking like its working but i cant get any signal from the GPU to monitor thru HDMI
there is nothing installed on the rig apart from a hiveos flash image on the ssd. tried it remotely from my main pc thru hive but i cant connect.

any ideas please? does my MB work with hiveos or do i need windows?
ive ordered a DVI cable from amazon so ill try plugging straight into MB tomorrow and see if that gets me to the bios at least

make sure reset bios first
and if not work can you try with DVI from MB but CPU must have GPU onboard model.
i mean that are 200G 2000G 3200G 3400G.

hope help you.

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