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Biostar tb250-btc Red pci slot

Hello :wave:,

After some time I got error of gpu drivers error. I force update the HiveOS and Nvidia drivers. After rebooting the mobo show 2 cards in red status which inducte error. Try to
remove cards reboot, still
Swap with the next slot, still
Reset OC in the OS, still
reset the mobo, still
change the raisers, still

Is that means both cards are faulty?

Test the cards on another system if possible

I tested the cards in Windows 10, run several benchmark, reset to default setting from card company support apps run it for long time it works fine. also from the same machine, I run a copy of Hive OS and it was able to detect the cards but I did not run miner to check.
but when I return it back to my Biostar immediately it show red. I change power supply, raisers, reboot several time change the card slot, but all failed. any suggestion. I don’t have any other mobo to test on it.

Are you using the same drive with hiveos on both machines?

No, it is different OS with different media. Do you suggest make clean installation of my current OS or remove the workers and create a new worker.

Also does this make difference if I kept it as auto instead choosing Gen2

Try the known good drive on the problem rig. Gen 2 is reccomended


Reset the mobo, apply the setting, run a new OS in a new Media = Failed
Flash both Cards, re-run = failed (flash was done in gaming PC with Hive OS loaded not in windows)
Change slot configuration between Gen 1,2.,3 = Failed.
Change PSU, riser, between slots = failed
Replace the RAM = failed

I cannot figure out where is the problem or what can cause the error.

So everything is working fine except when on the problem motherboard? If so and you’ve tried everything I would swap out the motherboard.

do you suggest any motherboard other than Biostar. I don’t want in the end getting the same problem.

How many gpus do you want the motherboard to support?

as for now only 2 GPUs are getting this error and I still have place for 5 GPUs in the current motherboard.
so any motherboard with 5 or less.

Basically any modern atx board can support 5 gpus. I would just look on your local marketplace for something cheap that’s from the last few years

So everything usually functions aside from while using the problematic motherboard? If so, I would replace the motherboard once you’ve exhausted all other options.
Any current ATX board may support 5 GPUs. I would search your local market for anything inexpensive that is recent. If you can, test the cards on a different machine.