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Biostar tb250-btc pro doesnt boot if i add GPU


I got an issue that im not sure what is the problem, here is the scenario :

I got biostar tb250-btc pro MB with 10 GPU on it (9 xfx 5700XT + 1 6800)
2 Power supply (1200 +865)

Rig work like a charm on hiveOS for a while, as soon i want to add a other card . i got an extra 5700, when i connect the other card , so number 11, the rig doesnt even boot anymore, when i boot it all fan run, cpu fan run,gpu fan spin but system doesnt seems to boot.

When i take out a riser from a slot, any of the 11 , rig boot again, but as soon i got 11 riser plug in it doesnt boot anymore, i try all slots and it doesnt change the behavior

Its like it cant take more then 10 riser but is suppose to support 12. I dbout its a power issue with my PSU setting, can it be a MB issue ?

thanks for any advice, i hope i made mypoint clear !!

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