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Biostar RX6800XT on MSI B450A-PRO multiple problems e.g. wrong BIOS resolution

Hi everyone!

I am buliding a mining rig based on Biostar RX6800XT cards and MSI B450A PRO motherboard.

The first problem is that I cannot go into BIOS with those cards. It looks like this:

I tested it using HDMI / DP connections, GPU in a riser and directly in the MB, CSM and UEFI settings (modified by using other GPU - nVidia), in the first PCIe slot as well as the 4th one, 1 old DELL monitor, 1 new iiyama monitor, HDMI capture card, samsung TV. I swapped multiple GPUs and tested it on the second MB. In one MB I updated the BIOS to the newest, in the second one it’s stock BIOS. Also tried resetting CMOS, swapping PSUs. I even put the GPU into my private PC based on Z490 chipset (Intel) - unfortunately also MSI). Nothing works; this card just can’t go into BIOS. However, if BIOS is not entered it boots to HiveOS perfectly fine. Have anyone experienced similar issues?

Another issue is that this GPUs don’t work with ver010s plus risers, they are not recognised - HiveOS sees them as Navi 21 card with no temperature and power consumption info. However, when used with ver007 risers they work fine. Checked several GPUs and risers, same story with ver010s plus. However, when used with other GPUs they work fine. What on earth is wrong with BIOSTAR RX6800XT GPUs?

For anyone experiencing similar issues when entering BIOS/boot menu: flashing the BIOS with one of a different brand can help resolve the issue.

The problem was passed to Biostar through a wholesaler, maybe they will provide a BIOS update.

Regarding risers, I returned them ver010s plus and used ver009s and ver006c instead, which work fine.

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Mind if I’m asking. Do you still have original bios for your Biostar RX6800XT?

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