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Biostar 250 btc-pro runs great until i plug in my 7th GPU

So i cant figure out this issue.

Im running 6 various nvidia cards with zero problems, two evga 850’s synced
8gb ram
i-5 something

The only thing ive seen is in the bios settings where you set mining mode i only have either enable or disable and other versions ive seen have like a vga+6 option which i dont have.

Im going to verify if my GPU is still good to go but it turns on and is synced with the other power supplys.

The GPU does not show up in the PCI slot in the bios which is weird. It also doesn’t matter where i plug it into on the PCI slots.

The 7th GPU is a evga 2080 ti and has a corsiar ax850 powering it solely

Does anyone have any recommendations or settings that i can do to get that 7th GPU to show?

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