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Bios original asrock rx 570 PGE elite 8gb


Hi! im looking for the original bios of this gpu; it has Samsung 052 k4g803225fc-hc25 memories (i open it).
It come with the bios and windows give me (code 43), i use it some time patch it and it work fine; but now i wanna sell it so wanted to fixed it.

I tried the bios of techpowerup, and, but keeps given me the fault so im pretty sure no one is the original.

Have you tried from techPwoerup ?

they already passed it to me, it actually was the bios alredy has “” but this one dont give me problems; i assume it was because the bios from techpowerup was modified and it get firm with the software giving problems with windows. Im gonna tried to upload to techpowerup