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Bios Mod for different AMD Graphics Cards

hello there,

I’m struggling with Bios mod here. I have the following cards

I already modified the bios of the two highlited in yellow. The XFX one is rebooting the miner over and over again. I don’t know how to roll back, since the miner is rebooting every time.

Could you please advice me what to do in this case. I’d also be grateful if you sent me the bios for all the AMD cards.

Thank you in advance!

reduce the memory clock to 2050 because you are using ubermix 3.1 timings for samsung i guess when you modded with polaris bios editor.

Power limits for the AMD cards doesnt work so remove them. DPM states for the AMD cards you dont need because you specify the core clock and voltage, remove them.
My RX 570 card is with samsung memory and i modified with it polaris bios editor and used the ubermix 3.2 timings mix.
After that i overclocked it with the following settings:

1168 core clock
860 core voltage
800 memory controller voltage
2100 memory clock.
Aggressive undervolting ON
amdmemtweak --Ref 30
thats all you have to input for OC.

Thank you! I’ll try this out

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