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Bios for XFX RX 470 GB - 113-57085STB1-M80

Does anybody has the Stock Bios of this card?
Or one that runs fine?

I bought two refurbished cards both end up in errors when sarting HiveOs.

Thank you very much for your help.


You should find what your looking for here

I did check techpowerup already. If you have a quick look there is only a 4GB Verion available.
I need a 8GB Firmware.

There is a unchecked 8 GB but it does notwork.

But thanks for your atenttion.


does anybody has an idea? I see that this card where sold in hungaria a lot.
Or does anybody has an idea why every Bios wich is similar i tried ends up in a bunch of Linux errors.
May be both cards are dead but they exactly behave like they just have the wrong Bios.

May be this cards are out of a Mining Farm wich has a special OS not Windows or a special Linux where this cards worked in?

Any idea is welcome. Thank you foryour help.


I send the card back and get my money back cause the reseller could not provide a valid Bios.

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