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Binance SEPA problem -> wallet change possible?

Hi folks,

some of you might have recoginzed that Binance has huge trouble in UK + EU.
They have stopped all SEPA Transactions in both regions. Withdrawal is suspended since weeks in other words you cannot really use Binance anymore if you want FIAT money at the end. Which is kind of vital for all this i would say.

Because my next hiveon pool payout is getting closer, is there a way of changing the wallet and the already mined ETH to a different payout wallet adress → Coinbase?

It looks to me that changing this is not so possible because ETH starts at zero after chaning the adress. After chaning back to previous wallet my ETH is visible again…
This implies i would need wait for a payout and then I only can change it. Is this truly the only option? Can’t i just change the wallet and define which one should be used for next payout ?

Waiting for payout means getting the money to binance where it is more or less locked in.
Getting it away would need a crypto transfer which costs money.
I want to avoid all that and define my new Coinbase wallet as default and get my already mined money transfered to it.


well you are right about everything.
you need to wait until the payout because the mining operation is worker/wallet linked.
so when you change the wallet, the pool will make new worker/wallet linked to it.and the pool cant recognize if the previous one is changed to the later because people can have rigs named like yours. there is no username/ pass login into pool and making settings or something. wait until payout and then change wallet to start mining on the new one.
and yeah you will have to pay the blockchain taxes to send from Binance to your other wallet.
it sucks but its like this.

Which brings us to yet another question:
Because Binance is meh atm, what kind of eth wallet would it be interesting to head the future payouts to?

I went to Coinbase to realize then it is not supported in my Country - Waahhhh!
I was very worried because Coinbase does not support my DebitCards either and i don’t want to use my CreditCard as payout. Because i don’t want to wait halfe a month until CC billing gets triggered.
SEPA transfer also did not work at Coinbase because they provide a faulty IBAN at Bank verification process!! For this i should transfer little money to Conbase to verify my bank account…
My bank said the IBAN from Coinbase is wrong and it also looks wrong to me either. Ireland Bank i guess it should start with “IE” but they provide an IBAN with “EE” at the beginning. Maybe some kind of blocking SEPA because Coinbase its not supported in Austria. Funny is that they did not say a word at KYC!

Finally i tried a Paypal payout at Coinbase and it worked instantly!
Money to PP and next step SEPA to my Bank account. “Katching” at the End :slight_smile:
So i cannot say that i am super happy with Coinbase, but if i can use Paypal also in future then i am fine with it. Free Paypal withdrawal at Coinbase and also free SEPA transfer at Paypal. This is finally € 0,80 cheaper then i had it before at binance :slight_smile:

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