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Binance pool

Hello, Can anyone help me to create flightsheet to connect binance pool to mine eth?
when i create wallet and flightsheet , my miner is down.

Have you tried use pre-defined templates?

Yes, I do it
I create a wallet and put my binance pool account to wallet address
Then I create flight sheet and set binance pool , claymore, my wall
But I Receive a message “ low hash rate “
My rig doesn’t work

Refer to Binance pool help than. I’m not mine on Binance pool

When you configure you wallet address, dońt put you wallet address, instead put your pool user name


Thanks mate

OK, it works… Thx alot brudah…

i got rig mining to binance pool with these instructions…wallet conf etc, but cant get miner visible in binace pool…is there extra conf for miner that needs to be set? im using team red miner

Huh just typed in binance pool acc name and works fine… After you start the miner it shows up in around 10 minutes on binace pool as ,rig0, …
I can’t figure out how to change that…
Any ideas?