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Binance pool network fee doubt

Hi, I’m new to mining and I was looking at how network fees cost. I am currently mining at 117mhs and I want to get my ETH to my binance wallet.
I was thinking to mine in the binance pool as there are no network fees though you earn less ETH. I calculated that if I mine in a pool like Flexpool/Ethermine and I set a max gas of 30 and considering the price of ETH stays the same each transaction fee would be around 1.86$ and I would be paid once a week if I set the payout threshold to 0.01 ETH.
Should I stick with binance pool? I dont think I would earn like 4*1.86=7.42$ dollars less each month with binance pool considering the my low hashrate.
Any other suggestions? Thanks!

are you selling each week? if not i don’t see how it would be worth paying upwards of 10% to gas fees. id say youre better off using L2 or nicehash to get paid in btc or similiar, then swap for eth at the exchange level, that will surely be cheaper than 10%.

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