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Binance pool - breached share processing

Nowadays I am using binance pool on one of my rigs. I do not know why are some shares respond time is longer than 1000 ms. Unfortunately the team red miner is disconnects from the pool, and connects back but with another address (or port in this case).

When the miner starts it shows up the current value is --pool_share_limit_ms=1000. team red miner usage.txt

Where can I increase/modify this setting?

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Did you find a solution? Same prob :confused:

Probably a workaround
I am using teamredminer with the following inital settings:

you can set this value under the miner configuration

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hello vektor, I just saw an orientation for your solution to this problem, but where exactly do I place this configuration? pool_share_limit_ms = 5000

Thanks a lot for the help.

Hi Darknatus,

You are in good place, please see attached my configuration

After this, you have to see on the console the new settings every time when the miner (re)starts

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our vektor, how amazing you are, thank you very much for your help, and especially for the print that made it very clear where I should add this configuration.
And just one detail my month is very bad, to the point of over 5000.

there is something about the pool that I put in because I added all these pools, should I select only one or two at most?

I really don’t know what is happening at binance because sometimes the same port is good and sometime is not. I’m using only the 3333 and 443 ports. There others seems to be dead, actually the miner client said unable to connect or something else like this.

Be aware to set the “pool_share_limits_ms” too high, because it can also be a reason to loose a part of your profit. BTW the screenshots what you attached is made earlier than you were set the parameter up right? I mean on the console shows (1610 ms > 1000 ms) , it comes from the original settings. If you put the higher “pool_share_limits_ms” to your config, you have to see the following for example 13200 ms > 5000 ms instead of 1000 ms.

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thanks for the reply vektor, the binance pool is really having a problem.
And really the prints were taken before I programmed. thank you very much for the teachings vektor, and success in your mining.

Buenas tardes. Cuando te figura en rojo breached share processing time que significa?

Tengo el mismo problema en Binance el dia de ayer recibi Eth 0.0021 y hoy tengo un estimado de Eth 0.00093 en el puerto 443

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Tengo el mismo problema que está en su pantalla.

¿Cómo está tu grupo de minería de Binance?

¿Están todos marcados? si no, revíselos todos, estoy pensando en marcar uno por uno para encontrar el que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades. de que pais hablas