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Billing: CPU rig counted as GPU

I have 3 cpu rigs with a 7950x each one. They are counted as a GPU rig in billing. I’m using them with a custom miner.
In Hive, the 7950x is showing an unknown GPU (i guess it’s the iGPU) but it is not being used.
So is it possible they are counted as GPU rig because of this, because of the custom miner or something else?

Have you updated to the latest version? It should automatically disable the igpu as long as youre on recent software

I updated to the latest version. Now the igpu shows with a golden font and the rigs are recognized as a cpu rig. Thank you and sorry for not doing the obvious!

The odd thing is that one rig is counted as 0.13 CPU rig and 0.87 GPU rig.

It’s time based billing, so once you pass 24hours with it recognized as a cpu rig it wont show anything under gpu rigs