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Bill for 2gpu rig

I had 4 rigs free, left only 2 on HiveOs and I get a notification to pay
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how long ago did you remove the 2 workers?

also, you can check to see if “paid features” are enabled under billing, if they are and you don’t want 180 days of stats/farm access sharing you can disable that.


I removed the 2 workers on march 11.
you are correct, billing was been activated…but on phone (IOS) when I try open billing I get blank screen, on PC I was able the turn off

por que me cobran si tengo 2 trabajadores con 12 gpus en total, expliquen por que me siguen cobrando

Do you have “paid features” enabled?

THANK YOU! I was having a hard time figuring out why I was being charged for 2 workers. :sweat_smile: