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Big spike ravencoin solo

So I am currently trying to mine ravencoin solo at herominers. But every time we are closing in on a new block there is an insane amount of hashpower all of a sudden mining there for a small amount of time. Im still getting more luck every day, but I am wondering if this heavily reduces my chances of getting a block. If im only like mining, helping this guy with all that hashpower, get the blocks. It just feels very fishy!

It goes from 1,8 ghz to over 400 just for a wee while!

What is this so called strategy? The guy with all the hashpower still need a luck % to be able to get the block, as everyone else, right?

Thanks for reading.

Luck percentage is just that, luck. There is no magic number where you’re guaranteed a block. When hashrate is falling (for whatever reason) that’s when it makes most sense to solo mine

Yeah but every time we are closing in on a block there is this massive amount og hashrate coming in… Feels like they in and just take the block in front of my eyes, and here I am been solo mining for quite some time. Feels pointless.

And yes I am mining because the hashrate is low. But then it increases from 1,8 ghz to over 400 as I said, just before the pool is about to find a block.

people buy hashrate to mine what they think it might payout. A big example is nice hash.

Solo mining is like buying the lottery. You can do it for ages, and never win. You can buy just one ticket and hit it. So you will see spikes when people think they will hit it.

Yeah ive totally given up on solo mining, but it was a good lesson learned anyways. I will definately stick to pool mining.