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Best way of recycling RX 580

Hi community

I imagine we are numerous having to recycle our RX 470 / 480 / 570 / 580 to something else than ETH.

I would like to know what you are planning to do owners ?

  • Stay on ETC with same settings ?
  • Move to RVN / FLUX / ERGO or another trendy cyrpto ?
  • Use dual mining ? if such which ones ?

First drawback seen on my side, +25% power drain if leaving ETH/ETC, that is much :S
Bye bye memory intensive mining


I’m using my rx 470 for RVN and it seems to have been a good choice with the recent price jump lol

Doing the same at this point, but heat and power drain will become soon a problem
My 1200W PSU howls in pain

May I know your settings

I transpose all my ETH settings to RVN with no touch
So surprising behaviour with some cards …
Nitro+ sux, Asus ROG become king, Pulse become hoven
Going to flash VBIOS to stock and see what happen

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Ok here are my 470 overclocks (msi) i dont think they are as good as they could be but i havent tuned it alot yet. also, its just stock vbios.


Do you have any better overclocks for an rx 470 lol

Behaviour of 470 / 480 / 570 / 580 are very similar
Take a look at my MSI

All this rig were above 32 Mh/s previously on ETH, somehow optimized

MSI usually sux with Polaris

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Market is crazy
What’s happening with BEAM that became allmost more profitable than ETH in one day :crazy_face:

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Well my rx 470 is now worth nothing on ebay XD

Dont know what to do with it right now

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