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Best setup for wifi + ethernet?

I installed wifi cards as we had a long internet outage (thanks Comcast!) and I was able to get the rigs on the hotspot to keep mining when the internet was down.

My question is what is the best way to have wifi + ethernet on a rig?

1.Should I disable the wifi and enable it when I need to?

  1. Is it OK to leave both ethernet and wifi on? If so I will get two IP addresses assigned to the one rig. (see attached)

  1. Will it automatically fall back to the working connection?

Thanks in advance!

If both network interfaces - wired and wireless connected to the same router you don’t win anything
As wired interface get lower latency I’m think could be better to turn off wifi

I have the same question
I have 2 different services provider at home
I have LAN connected from one and WIFI from the other

So how will it work now
Will it use the best available connection automatically?

Hi. Did you get the right answer?