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Best Practice for 3060 LHR v2 and 3060 v1 ? I can only get 35 M/H if i use one of two miners

So basically I own 6 3060s.

3 of them are first gen LHR than can be hacked using the 470.05 driver or using LOLminer for 3/4s at 32-33M/h.

The other 3 are 3060 LHR v2 and they only work with the NBminer recent update to get the LHR working 3/4s and i get it too 34-35 m/h

MY ISSUE: I cannot use all 6 on the same rig getting 35 M/h as NBminer doesn’t work with the drivers that lolminer hack uses. So the v1s only get 22M/h while the v2 LHR get 35 M/h.

And vice versa, if i user LOLminer with the 3/4s hack, it does not work on the v2 cards and they don’t even read at all.

Has anyone found a way to get them to work together without using separate motherboards?


if you’re using 470.05 driver that’s for windows right? How are you running HiveOS on top of windows?

Thank you I have been trying for 3 weeks to crack this…Thanks again…