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Best OC XFX RX 570 8gb!

Hello guys, I’m trying to make OC to my xfx rx 570 8gb but I can’t get a stable one, what values ​​do you recommend ??? Thank you


This is what I have been using… 28.75 MH

![2021-01-05 18_42_48-|361x500]



Man I tried with the same settings on you but no luck. The other MSI cards on stock bios can get to 30 besides 2 of them.

Also tried the same setting on my XFX RS RX 570 Black Edition 8 GB GPU but it crashes my whole rig and need to power off/on again.

Any other “safer” OC settings to try? I am currently hashing at 24 MH/s without any OC settings at all.

RX 570 8GB Samsung Memory. No bios mods, just over clocks on HiveOS. My Rx570 8gb Samsung cards are stable with those over clocks. What Ive noticed, sometimes, I clock them with a 1900 Mem, let the rig Dag out, then increase it to 2300. LA usually runs @.23 once it settles