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Best OC settings for GTX 1070 on ETHASH

My current settings are
Core 200
Mem 800
PL 125
and I’m getting about 28 MH/s.

Wondering if someone has better settings for this card that I could try out.

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i have this settings…


Hi @

Would you help me to figur eout why my GTX 1070 has such low hashrate ?
I tried tons of combination without finding something close to 27/28 Mh/s


As you can see, I also have some troubles on a RTX 3070, where I got errors raising higher than 7750 the memory

The GTX 1060 are also poor runners, and also did tons of combination withou getting higher than this.

All my AMD run very well, with all th expectations but all my Nvidia perofrm bad :frowning:

I have this setting…

@jon-dillinger Thanks for replying but have you got any explanation on how

My GTX 1070 runs @ 25.4 Mh/s with CC +200 and MC @ 1000
Your GTX 1070 runs @ 25.9 Mh/s with CC +100 and MC @ 1000

If i set CC +100 I lose much

Have you set any memory tweak ?

i dont have any memory tweak…
which miner are you using? im using t-rex miner…
perhaps it also can be your temp.
and every card is different…

try to use NBMiner / GMiner / TRex / PhoenixMiner they have GDDR5 mod timmings and you could try to push them up… not too much but it could be an extra.

Did some changes at the opposit to what is commonly suggested

I raised core clock and lowered mem clock. Got best perf
Whatever I do to memory, my perfs don’t raise much.

What am I doing wrong ?

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