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Best/esaiest way to use ethernet and autofallback to wifi if ethernet not available?

Does anybody know the best/easiest way to use patchcord but if not available connect via wifi as a backup?

Yeah, it’s not that hard. Go into your HiveOS worker dashboard and click on remote connect or connect remotely, I can’t remember what exactly it says but open you up a shell in the box terminal window login with your user and password and when your terminal opens up type Wi-Fi and lowercase and then your SSID and your password with the space between them and click enter, then it will save it into your net-config wifi.txt file in the root of your OS and will read it and connect on boot and if your hardline connection falls off your Wi-Fi connection will pick up the slack temporarily.

Thanks for your response. I have already set up wifi and the info is in wifi.txt, but every time ethernet fails… wifi does not connect, Even disconnecting the rj45. Even rebooting…

Hmmm…what kind of wifi adapter are you running? A usb dongle or mobo integral? I use the Panda Gau with the Ralink chipset that’s $15.00 or so off of Amazon and across 3 years and some 8-10 different linux and windows OS I’ve never had a single hiccup or connection issue with it. I’ve noticed over the years that anything with a Broadcom
chipset especially is a pain in the a*& with their closed source/proprietary drivers. I’ve had the best luck with Ralink, Athleros, and prism or hermes driver sets, including monitor mode and packet injection. Just fyi, not sure how experienced you are with linux and such. If I can help let me know. Run lspci in terminal and check out your chipset vendor.

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if you have USB dongle realtek this will help you :

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