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Beginner facing multiple issues

Hello, I started mining last week and I have a rig with 8 AMD GPUs: 7x 5600 and 1x 5700. My rig is rebooting constantly. Sometimes it would run for several hours stable and then start rebooting every few minutes. Today I also saw that one of the GPUs hashrate dropped to zero. I noticed that for this GPU after the rig reboots the hashrate is fine and then drops to zero.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Go a bit easier on OC settings… Lower down the clocks a notch and give them some more voltage…

How do I do that? Any specifics? Thanks!

Overclocking tab in Hive dashboard… There are some templates as well…

brother first of all … u connect a screen to your rig and then see what error is showing to you

I traced the problem to one of my GPUs and ended up returning it. Now all is good. Thank you!

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