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Begginer rig owner 6 x rx580g


I have a rig on rvn 6x rx580 from yesterday stoped .
Im new in minning bussines.

I dont want to earn money i just want to learn.

Pool stratum+tcp failed to resolve host address.

=== /hive/miners/teamredminer/0.8.1/teamredminer.conf =================================================
-a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://stratum+tcp:// -u R9XgFH1EgVcGCqH9pWXXFzWN4jjB7VAoz9.mig_6_placi -p x

There is an extra stratum+tcp:// in your config… in dashboard enter only pool address…

[2021-02-27 11:38:16] Pool stratum+tcp failed to resolve host address.

all rig works okey. if i start to mine is block and go to reset.

Take a screen shot of your teamredminer cofiguration… there is under a pool extra stratum+tcp… no need for that

all god for now. rig is up for 3 days . 64 mhs all gpu 6 of them.

6x580 gb.

Now i have 10.90 for each card.

Please help us to tune this card maybe i can take more then 10.90 with lower consumtion

now i have
core clock 800
core voltage 700
memory clock 1800
memory voltage 1250

At this values i have for all gpus 800 w consumption …
I wait your suggstions maybe i improve this rig.

i forget to write 64mh on ravencoin

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