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Basic Help

Im running the hive on a usb on a dedicated machine. an alph-miner
I can ssh to it but thats it… i got it running on p2pool and running away… but I want to log into it and look things over? How do i Get in? whats the root and or password? the only thing I know is rig ID??? Any Help please for some basic stuff!!! Thanks in advance

Create new account at, there create new farm and worker inside that farm. Then you will have Rig ID that you put in your miner.

what is the basic command to start the miner?? I had it running on P2pool for 2 days none stop…(not sure exactly how I got it started but it ran) now I stopped it… and switched to a new flight sheet for Dwarft pool… and its just sitting… even did reboot?? put ID in and Im up on line new flight sheet is in place and I see everything…but it dosent begin??? any ideas? Please ASAP

OK dont know what I did … but rebooted whole system and it restarted on new pool… Let me check stats on line to see if Im getting any hashing done??? Any help or links would be appreciated as I have not a lot of knowledge here. I am not that stupid…but I am a bit confused here…

OK 1 more thing…for now… I put the id in and the pass which was my workers name. then it said doo you want to change password or something like that and I hit the yes button and it just said something like its the machine password now??? now I can not ssh in it says the password is wrong? I have no idea what it is and how to change it??? Thanks

Well, it looks like you’ve changed ssh password and it should be the same one you use for registering worker to your farm (Rig ID / password… remember?)