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Banned Facebook Support Group


I’m a proud subscriber of HIVEOS which is installed in 22 of my RIGS which I obviously have to pay!

Today, during a normal opinion exchange, an admin decided to play superman and ban me from the discussion group without any apparent reason.

Basically it was posted a question from another member concerning XMR mining which, according to the admin, wasnt the most profitable in the past days. All I said was that he was wrong and XMR was actually more profitable than the rest in the past few days. It doenst take much to find out he was wrong and, tbh, that was OK since we’re all here to help each other however, from there, it developed a non-sense argument with him being an arrogant arse with a few negative attitude towards me. Kept asking him to cool down but it seems we had a super hero behind the keyboard.

I would like to ask the reason why I got banned from the Facebook support group and that same ban to be removed since I’m not able to be part of the community built for this matter.


I did not even know that there is a Facebook support group for HiveOS.

All I have found so far is this Forum and the one on BitCoinTalk:

I have tried a Google Search for “HiveOS Facebook Support” but it does not turn up any results for Facebook and HiveOS.

Can you provide a link.

There was very good reasons to ban you.

  • Bad language
  • Offensive language
  • Even 1 threat to me
    -etc etc… some stuff like I mention above.

As I see at your post above you don’t tell the complete truth of what you said and you also forgot to mention you messaged me after also using offensive language.

That’s why you were banned.

I’m not going to talk more about this subject. My time is precious.

What?! You’ve to be joking! You MUST be joking!

  • I never ever cursed in the post you banned me;
  • I never used offensive language in the post you banned me;
  • I havent threaten you!

some stuff like you mention above? Are you for real?!

Mind me asking, why did you deleted replies in the post?!

I rest my case. You shall speak for your actions!

facebook doesnt work?

Somebody could have reported the content you are sharing. Make sure you did not post anything rude and offensive recently. Or you can send a request to technical support. Hopefully, you will get a comprehensive response. Another way to solve this problem is to reinstall the application. It may help, try it It can help you.