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Bad support

What the hell support is freaking me out? Whey just don’t know how the Hive OS works?

2 days ago someone changed the wallet address in all of my flightsheets. I’ve contacted the support and asked how to configure telegram bot to be notified when the wallet address is changed. They couldn’t answer and just was constantly repeating that I should decide for myself what settings I should change.

I perfectly realize that they could not force me to do anything and that I should decide for myself. So support just doesn’t know what should I do or the function is not exist, and they can’t confess that such vital function does not exist.

And by the way, Support recommended me to enable 2-factor authentication, so I did and in setting I can see that its enabled but whet I log in it just not asking for a code, so there is no point it’s NOT working, when log out and log in Its just works without the CODE!

I see that the system is being improved every day with new features and functions, I am sure that if we leave here our suggestions for improvements little by little and calmly everything will be better.

This is a suggestion of top priority for sure, restoring the change of portfolios in the system with some two-factor mechanism after registering it for the first time.

I suggest support stop f***ing my brain no matter how good the system is if support is bad

I can speak for myself, a few days ago I opened a topic about a problem I was having with some RX6800 cards and it didn’t even complete 10 days and the correction and improvement of the system to better serve everyone who uses this card was solved.

You can see this whole story in the topic I created myself, so friend we are going to use this community to expose criticism but accompanied by good suggestions that I am sure the developers will be open to hear.

After all here is the channel that works as an ombudsman to improve this system that everyone knows is very good as it already is and that it will be much better in a hurry! :+1:

I’m sorry, so you r not working for Hive? If it is, so I think you should not bother about my case. The only thing I wanted is to leave feedback for Hive developers, if they interested they will bother If not it’s their problem. I’m paying money for the service and I’m kinda disappointed and already moving to other OS and pool so no reason for me to bother. I don’t have a lot of mining power - nobody will cry

I don’t work, I just contribute to the community. I wish you good luck and I will also send my suggestions soon as I am using the system now.

Your good intention is in fact working for free for Hive, In my opinion It should work like this: I got bad service - I use another service (and I live feedback of course). If hive are don’t care for me such service is not for me. Strong community is good, but you start doing their job for them why should they do it?

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