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Bad power managment?

hello everyone !
so i been running a rig of 9 Rx 580 2048 SRP using one Dell server psu 1400W plat 9 gpus+9 risers
according to hiveos the whole rig consume 510 W (keep in mind 1 gpu is being used on the motherboard powersupply)
the breakoutboard report 12.3V ?
so is my rig fine with 1 server psu
and what does the 12.3 mean ?
thanks !

there is also the power that goes through the riser, but shouldn’t be much. Perhaps 40-100 W more?

You really want to operate your power supply in the plateau of the efficiency curve. Try to check the manual, but might be around 50 ± 20 %.

So (460 + 70) = 530. 530/1400 is about 37%. You should be ok, but you might not be running as efficiently as you could. Check your manual

12.3 is the output voltage of the 12 volt rail.

Amd card don’t measure voltage at the riser and cable separately, they just guesstimate the whole power draw based on vrm voltages which can be pretty far off when undervolting. Typically 20-40% under. Nvidia are much more accurate since they use a shunt resistors to measure power draw, but it’s nothing to do with riser/slot power.

so from your understanding , is my set up safe ?

Yep. The breakout board may fail somewhat sooner than normal with the higher load, but everything else should be fine for a long time. Would keep a spare breakout board around as a precaution.

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