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B650M d3hp with Ryzen 9 7900x Problems

Hey, anybody using this motherboard? I am having problems with it in overclocking/undervolting 7900x, mining zeph. In bios settings totally different than in regular b650. First boot without amy changes, 300watts and 18khs, expo on, 32gb two sticks ram. There is no option how to reduce voltage on cpu, different names, tried one to 0.95-0.96, basically no changes, then one guy mentioned about pbo and ppt values, there are settings to setup power limits, reduced from 225 (was default) to 118, power 200watts, no stable, errors after a fe minutes of mining, kernel panic …,tried with memory settings, only a few watts difference. Have another rigs with different 650m gigabyte motherboards and no issues, simple settings. Here is so complicated, can’t run it even on default with 300watts, wtf? why wattage so high? on screen in bios showing around 1-1.25v cpu, please help if anybody know something. thank you

d3hp doesnt have core voltage controls, you want the ds3h instead

bought two same models and now sitting and thinking what to do if no solutions how to use them.for mining, they similar to aorus versions

You have to conduct the stability after setting the BIOS setting by using tools like Prime95, AIDA64. Monitor temperature, voltage and stability to ensure optimal performance without over heating and instability.