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B250 red dot but gpu work fine on gigabyte b550

I have b250 with this cards and works fine
RX 5700 × 4·
RTX 3060 Ti × 1·
GTX 1660s × 3·
RX 580 × 2
When I try to add new msi 1660s it give red dot
Put it on b550 working fine

What I tryed and didn’t work
Swapped msi with old 1660s that’s working fine without change riser or pcie cable same problem
Changed msi bios with new bios same problem

Hive os version ?
Nvidia driver version?

Hiveos v0.6-210@210913
Nvidia N470.63.01
Fan working even mb didn’t recognize GPU

Check this foto… This motherboard need special order for the GPU’s…

Removed all GPU and test this GPU only .
Tested all ports

No luck
Now put back all GPU even other 1660s works fine

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