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B250 Mining Expert Molex high temperature

Hello there I have a mining rig with 13 MSI 2060. And the Molex wire is sort of hot, I’m afraid that it some how melts a connector or just burn the copper. I connected two different molex. Do you suggest I connect 3?

Thank you very much!

Connect your risers through 6 pin connector…molex and sata is not safe…
From one cable with molex connectors connect only MAX TWO risers (for this type of cards u have)!!! Otherwise use 6 pin !!!..
What brand of PSU u use?
How you connect your cards …?

The PSU are two Corsair 1200 W. But the molexs I mean are the ones that supply the Mobo, not the risers. on the left hand side of the Mobo there are three molex connectors the supply the PCI of the Mobo, these are the ones.

Thank you for your answer!! :slight_smile:

Good night,

Your problem is solved? what do you dod?

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