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Average hashrate problem

I have 2 ryga, the cards in riga are a mix and AMD, hiveos shows , me an average -43%, is it wrong?

miner - trex + TeamRedMiner

Give your miners unique worker names in the miner config. You can simply add .amd or similar after %worker_name% in teamredminer miner config, otherwise running multiple miners on the same rig with the same name will mess up the reported numbers.

and does it have any effect on profitability? do I earn less ETH, or what does it mean, why is that? which item should I have the most hashrate? how is it ideal and what does it cause?

No impact on profits. Just correct reporting for stats.

I’ve already reset the names and set up 3070, and the rigs are a bit flat. I know which graphics reset my rig? is it advantageous to mine trex on one rig and gminer on the other, or better on two trex rigs (common flight sheet or each separately)?