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Avast Anti-virus reports Phishing when clicking on sign in

So, about an hour ago I tried logging in and avast blocked the site, reported url:phishing.
Tried from another computer as I thought my PC might have been compromised but same thing on the other device.
Avast running on that one too though.

Any idea what’s triggering the Anti-virus?

This just started happening to me too. My theory is they are over-zealous to think many things are phishing scams or viruses so they can scare people into “upgrading” your protection instead of using the free version.

Then again, phishing and viruses are two very different things. If it is indeed a false alarm, well I don’t know that can be a “mistake”. It feels more deceptive than a false alarm on a virus which seem more understandable to me.

I guess we can’t really say until we know exactly what is triggering Avast to report is as a phishing URL.

Same here I was away from a pc for the last couple days so I was looking my rig thru the android app. Now avg is reporting url:phishing and blocks connection. Wondering what triggers it. :thinking:

Well good to know I am not the only one.
Thanks for the input

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