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Automatic Startup after power outage (Loadshedding)

Good day all.

We are based in South Africa where Loadshedding (Scheduled Power Outage) is a thing. Often we have power outages daily. Usually for 2 hours at a time or 4 hours at a time. Every day the schedule is different and if required I can manually set something up the day before or on the day. The problem is getting to the rig at 2am or even 10am when I am at work. How can I set something up to automatically start my rig when power comes back. I have a B250 MINING EXPERT MOBO. So I’m not sure yet whether it has any settings to help me. Is there a way with LAN and Android phones.

Please assist soonest.

set the bios to power on in APM Configuration

Hello how can I set that, can I find any video on internet about that?

See the link below, you have to change it in the mobo bios.

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