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Autofan settings for every GPU

My rig fans do weird when i set autofan because when one gpu can stay at 50º with 25% fan speed another one at lower than 40% the fans stop, that makes it to stay in a loop where the fans stop, temperature rises, fans start, temperature goes down, fans stop…
The only way to get autofan working is to set the minimum fan speed at 40%, but then the first gpu fans will be running faster than needed.
I don’t know if this is possible but it would be cool if they add a function on autofan where you can set a different minimum fan speed for every gpu.



Wow, I also noticed this and was wondering if they could make autofan option for every GPU or few configs with selectable GPU numbers so similar cards would have one settings and other cards the other option.

Any update for this topic?

hey , I would also join this topic and set this option for my different GPUs. I already spoke to support about this topic and it’s on they waiting list. who knows when it will be applied…
hope soon :pray::pray::pray:

I would also like to join! I have different GPUs on my rig that require different temp settings. This would be amazing!

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Did anyone find solutions.I have different GPUs too and ambient temperature always changing so I need auto fan for each GPU.

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I have the same problem. Some GPU need a lower temperature in order to keep running at full speed. One partial solution would be select with 0 wich GPU is in autofan and keep some with a fix value. That is not possible by the moment, but i think would be a simple solution, not the best.
I hope something on next version…

I’m actually surprised that they didn’t add this option yet !

some of the miners allow you to set the fan. Turning hive’s autofan off, you can try the miner instead

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