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Autofan. Disable in TRM

New to this game so please give me little help. I want to try the “Autofan” feature in HiveOS. However it states this

“Enable fans control. It will keep GPU close to the target temperature. Mining will be stopped on critical temperature. Don’t forget to disable fan control in miner for AMD cards.”

As Im using AMD cards I should be disabling the fan control within the miner Im using. I’m using TeamRedMiner and have looked at the commands I believe you add to your flight sheet but cant work out what I would use to disable fan control.

The commands I seem to find are for setting temps etc, separated by colons.


These are a few examples:
::70:50:25 Target mem temp to 70C, start fan at 50% speed, min fan speed 25%.
55::::20:80 Target core temp to 55C, start fan at default configuration’s speed,
always keep fan between 20% and 80%.
55::75:80 Adjust fan so that core temp is <= 55C and mem temp is <= 75C, start
fan at 80%.
:::100 Set static fan speed to 100%, never adjust based on temps.

I take it this gets added to the " Extra config arguments" in Flight sheet>setup miner config??

However If I want to disable TRM fan control so that I use Hives Autofan how do I do this?


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following, would like to get rid of that too, unnessesary errors all the time.

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