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Autofan Critical Action does not work

Hi guys,

I am trying to configure the miner to stop when it reaches a critical temperature but it does not work. The rest of the autofan options work fine.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you

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Same here.
Sometime nvidia OC failed and the fan stopped, and the power limit is on 100%. This happens randomly across my 3060 Ti and 3070.
When this happened, temperature went up to 79C (though my hashrate went up to 64MHs :)).
I set my auto fan critical temperature at 75, reboot system when it reach critical temperature.
But during the error, it just did nothing.

The fan control works normally though.

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the same here, i set the critical temperature but it doesnt works at all. I am so unhappy with this because I can not trust the hiveos and leave my cards I just control them 100 times a day to check the tempreture if they get hot .

I couldn’t fix it. But to avoid looking at the equipment all day, what I have done is add the command “temperature-limit” directly in the miner, inside the flight sheet

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I had a similar problem and checked the autofan code.
Its a simple bash script living here: /hive/sbin/autofan

Here are my findings:

  • script enforces a temperature difference of minimum 10°C between target temp and critical temp. So if your target temp is set to eg 65°C, and critical to 70°C autofan calculates critical to be 75°C. → miner wont reboot below 75°C.
  • script runs every 30sec, but there are measures in place to prevent it from rebooting to fast. if it detects temperature > critical, but lower then 20°+critical, it waits for another loop before rebooting.

My rigs change flight sheet every 12 hours and every few changes a fan goes to 0% on one card and it starts to overheat. autofan reacted so slow that the card reached 90° before system rebooted. I changed the minimum temperature difference in script from 10 to 5, now 65°C is target and 70°C is critical and the security threshold from 20 to 10. Now system reboots when card reaches ~80°C which is fine.
Only drawback is I guess my changes will be overwritten in the future when an update updates the script. I wish my changes could be configureable in the autofan.conf file and would survive updates :confused:


hi tnx for the guidence. I tried to do your advise but could not get susseccfull . when i put the “temperature-limit” in the flight sheet additional command bar, miner stops mining. Could you pls a little explain it with full command for example for 70c max temperature? Apreciate you if u mind helping me .

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