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Auto Reboot

Hey there,

I would like to know if there is any way I could AUTO REBOOT my rig.

Q. My problem: My interest goes offline very frequently and my rig is just running without an active connection. It’s a massive waste of electricity.

  1. Is there a feature where I can enable the rig to shutdown when there is no active internet connection?

  2. Or, is there a way to auto boot the rig, check for active internet connection and IF it’s offline, shutdown… (AND try again in 30 minutes)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Without mining, it’s not that a big waste of electricity. There is a hashrate watchdog monitor that you can configure, but that will reboot the rig.

The “try again in 30 minutes” is not really possible, if the rig is down. For that you would need a a pdu that you can control remotely (tplink hs110?)

The internet does not go online unless someone notices it is down and manually restart the router. Which means, the rig is ON but not connected to internet for long period of time.

I have experimented with WatchDog … On the hashrate drop it can only Restart, but not Stay OFF until the internet is back on.

Smart plug is not an option as the internet is down and remote control is not possible.

Maybe you can set up another computer in the network to restart the smart plug, or restart the router? But as I said, an idle rig does not consume a lot

Yes, I had considered setting up a backup network to take care of things when primary network goes offline.

Well, I guess I have look more into this. :slight_smile:

you can try this solution