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Auto profit

Hi all.

Right now I’ve been using awesome miner for one rig and it’s ok - the last few days it hasn’t been stable. One thing I like about it is the profit switching capability. Does Hive OS have something similar where it will auto-switch to the most profitable coin at the time, or are there pools that could be setup on order to do something similar to this?


according to the faqs, it’s in the works but not coming anytime soon. I also would love to see this feature added. Would make HiveOS even better than it already is.

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10-4. didn’t see that in the FAQ.

Requested feature in ToDo list but has low priority and not coming soon

darkshad, how did you get hiveOS to show up on awesome miner? I can’t figure it out, can you guide me?

Does simpleOS or EThOS support the feature? Outside of Nicehash or pools, I haven’t seen this implemented.