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Auto power on and off by smart home system


Is there any form to remote shutdown hiveos by command?

I Want to use Miners only when my solar panels are producing enough power. I Want to use home assistant to power one smartplug but I want to shut down correctly the miner. I know I can hard boot the mother board with the power on BIOS option but I am not secure to shutdown the PC using directly the smartplug

What do you recommend?


Yes, this is possible. I’ve built a number of systems and the latest one is the simplest. No hardware changes to the rig, all done in software. The only hardware is an SMA meter at the meter box. This transmits import and export data every second on the local home network, and you can tap into this with a few lines of C (running on a dedicated windows or linux box). Then send shutdown messages via Putty’s plink program to each rig. When exporting over a threshold, send ‘wake on lan’ messages. It takes about a minute to boot a rig, so if you measure power every few minutes you can turn rigs on and off and keep the net import/export at the meter box as close to zero as possible. If anyone is interested I’ll write this up in more detail.
At the very simplest level, set the hiveos rig to have a static IP and then put these two lines in a batch file on a windows machine and run the batch file:
plink.exe [email protected] -pw 1 -batch sudo shutdown now
timeout 2

hive has an api

Also, if you press momentarily (~1s) the power button, it can also do a shutdown command. You could use ha (relay?) to turn on the rig when you have enough power and a shutdown when you don’t have enough solar

Hmm, sounds great on paper. But, miners are not paid on hash rate.

Some pool reward systems might not play well with frequent joins and leaves.

Do your own research to make sure you are getting the results you expect from such a function.

tell me about it :angry:

A pool I used crashed recently, and took over a day to ramp up the average hashrate

think nice hash doesn’t care about the time you have been mining before, only your computing power

The irony being that particular system touting its value as a pps/fpps system supporting periodic in/out miners.

Not familiar with it, but I do watch the PPLNS pool tables where I am mining these days. They do not seem to favor ins and outs.

Most pools penalize miners for not mining constantly. It doesn’t help you even if you add more cards during some hours, since they ramp up the average slowly. In part is to prevent adding huge amounts of computing power for short times. If you mine solo, think they don’t care about your average

nice hash on the other hand isn’t a pool, but a hashrate broker. You don’t get paid by the hashes per se, but the computing power they sell for you. I know it sound similar but it is a bit different.

Gamers tend to use it, since it is simple and they can do it when they aren’t using their computers.

lexandros did a autoswitcher that tries to mine the most profitable coin at the moment. Since you get paid in btc, the more you can get helps. If you want to hodl the coins, then nice hash won’t help you

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